Hickory Hill Boat Ramp (Falls Lake) to Hwy 50 (Falls Lake)

Hike: Mountains to Sea Trail – Segment 10
Date: Sept 8
Notes: Diverse nature!  We ran across all sorts of interesting animals and creepy crawlies on this hike.  We left later than we intended and found that we could indeed not have to take the detour around a supposed sink-hole.  The first several miles we ran across many many spiders.  A few were at least sizable and got on M’s hat.  He did not appreciate the interest, yet we continued on.

One of the highlights on this hike was coming up on a long boardwalk to cross a large expanse of water and we had opportunities to take in the lake.  I did not take my eyes off the boardwalk as my head gets swimmy.  We crossed a bridge over Little Lick Creek and continued on.

We pushed for most of the morning and met up with our good friend P at Baptist Rd.  It was hot (the high 80s with a feel like temp of mid-90s).  P was so good to us on this trip as he made sandwiches and resupplied our empty water.  We had a great break at his car before all of us getting back on the trail.

There was a lot of clear cut areas, but thankfully the sun was hid for most of the afternoon from the large cloud cover.  We made it back to the car just before dark (K and P needed headlamps).  We came across an Eagle Scout project to build a bridge right at Hwy 50.  Everyone was very friendly and it was encouraging to see some helpful work being done for the hikers in this region.

It was a fun and eventful day and we were all very tired.

Total Miles: 22.84