Cascades Recreation Area (BRP) to Hiram Bare Road (BRP)

Hike: Mountains to Sea Trail – Segment 5
Date: April 21-22, 2017
Notes: Dropped off car at the Haislips.  Nice couple and very gracious to allow us to park on their property for 2 days.  Rain cut our trip down and generally not feeling well eliminated our desire to go all the way to Devil’s Garden Overlook.  We will return to complete Segment 5.
Total Miles: 23.93 miles

Bear Pen Gap (BRP) to Beech Gap (NC215) through Middle Prong Wilderness

Hike: Mountains to Sea Trail – Segment 3
Date: TBD
Notes: Trail broken up into two days; First day: Bear Pen Gap to off the parkway (MM 426.5), Second day: MM 426.5 through the Middle Prong Wilderness to NC215 and Beech Gap.  Remarks: Second day was far worse than the first day as we had to deal with bitter cold and a wilderness that does not allow trail markers (the friendly white MST dot).  We had to bushwack a few times as we lost the trail and a few times M fell trying to climb fallen trees.
Total Miles: 21.8