Miller’s Campground (BRP) to Devil’s Garden Overlook (BRP)

Hike: Mountains to Sea Trail – Segment 5
Date: May 23rd
Notes: Middle of the week hike, day 2. We had a leisurely morning and had a morning breakfast of eggs and bacon. We broke camp and packed all our gear and set up the cars. We left mine at the overlook which brought back a ton of memories. Way back in 2015 we started this adventure, and I’m surprised that we are continuing. We only have two more hikes after this one in the mountains.

We drove back to Miller’s Campground and set out for a full day. We did not go fast on this hike. We took our time and paid attention to nature and the things that the trail was giving us.

We had some steep climbs, one being Bluff Mountain just outside of Doughton Park. It was worth it and we had beautiful views. We also had wonderful memories of camping at Doughton when we were younger. I also enjoyed looking at the old and forgotten picnic tables throughout the park. Remnants of the past.

We finished our day strong and while it seemed like the last mile or two took forever, we finally came out of the woods descending upon Devil’s Garden Overlook. Segment 5 is in the books!

Total Miles: 13.66

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