Hirim Bare Rd (BRP) to Miller’s Campground (BRP)

Hike: Mountains to Sea Trail – Segment 5
Date: May 22nd
Notes: Middle of the week hike.  We drove up to Miller’s Campground and set up at the site.  Let me tell you, this was one of the nicest campsites we’ve been to.  The people who run this place are really friendly, and we had no problems at all checking in and finding our reserved site.  After getting settled, we drove down the road (not far) and departed from Hirim Bare Rd, a few roads down from Hwy 18.

It was dark and gloomy and we knew that it was going to rain.  Before leaving the campground, we packed our rain gear.  About a mile or so in the hike it started sprinkling rain and finally, it was coming down pretty good (not as bad as when we were at Julian Price that one time) but enough for pack covers and rain jackets.  The rain eased up about 15 minutes or so, and in about another mile we took off our rain gear all together.

We did miss the turn not long after getting off South Laurel Fork Rd.  It was minor, but we did get pretty muddy staying on the main trail and not following the MST.  We corrected and found ourselves back on the Parkway again in short order.  We crossed over 18 and passed some restaurants that we were looking forward to try.  Sadly, they were all closed.  We turned up Miller Road and had to deal with a nasty growly dog.  He was scared of us, but it didn’t prevent him from coming up to us and growling and barking.  We kept walking and spoke nice words to him (didn’t help).  We turned into Miller’s Campground and climbed the short hill up to our site.

We ended the day by eating steaks with peppers/onions.  We were prepared to eat.

Total Miles: 3.2 miles

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