Remaining hikes of 2017

Our remaining hikes this year goes as follows:

  1. Graybeard Mountain Overlook (BRP) at MP363.4 and EB 49 to Black Mountain Campground EB 67.7.  Estimated miles: 17.7  We think this can be a day trip.
  2. Julian Price Park (BRP) EB 13 to Raven Rock parking area (BRP) MP 289.5 EB 27.9.  Estimated miles: 14.9  We also think this can be a day trip.
  3. Hiram Bare Road MP 250 EB 72.8 to Devil’s Garden Overlook (BRP) MP 235.7 EB 90.3.  Estimated miles: 17.5  We think this can be a day trip.
  4. Pilot Mountain State Park – Hauser Road EB 0 to Hanging Rock State Park Visitors Center EB 36.  This would be a total of 36 miles.  We are thinking this would be a hiking weekend.  Also to take into consideration: This is hunting season and I believe this portion is shutdown starting November 1st.  We may need to hike this one in the Spring.

So 4 more hikes this season for a total of 86.1 miles.  A little ambitious, for 5 days away.  I’m shooting for 3 days, so some of these hikes may need to be punted to next year.

Update: We’ve decided to just forgo these mountain hikes and save them for the Summer months of 2018.  Onward to Segment 9! (10/14/17)

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