Elkin Recreational Center to Pilot Mountain State Park – Hauser Road

Hike: Mountains to Sea Trail – Segment 6
Date: Sept 22nd-23rd, 2017
Notes: Dropped off car in Rockford at Yadkin Paddle Adventures around 6:05am, drove to Elkin Recreational Center and departed at or around 7:30am. Lowlights:All road walk. Both days around 10am, the sun beat down on us. Miserably hot and draining hike. Many cars passing and having to walk off the road to let them pass. Getting a shin splint on my left leg. Highlights: Meeting various people along the way. Passed by many homes where people would greet you warmly. Meeting a kind soul named Ray who offered us water when we passed his home further down. He greeted us in the driveway with some icy cold water. Offered all kinds of tid-bits of information about Surry county. Truly a trail angel. Ice cream at the Rockford general store on both days! Dinner in Elkin in between days. Lunch at Shorty’s on Saturday. While it was blistery hot, the warm hospitality of this section will be something we look back on very fondly. We love the people of Surry county!
Total Miles: 33.72 miles


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