Beech Gap (Hwy 215) to Pisgah Inn (BRP)

Hike: Mountains to Sea Trail – Segment 2
Date: Sept 4-5, 2015
Notes: Two day hikes; First day from Beech Gap to Cherry Cove Overlook (BRP, Second day from Cherry Cove Overlook (BRP) to Pisgah Inn.  We stayed the night at Pisgah Inn and had a delightful breakfast.  Highly recommend!  Unfortunately, we got lost in the Shining Rock Wilderness after taking a wrong turn at a confusing sign at Dark Prong Gap (turned left, should have went straight).  Highlights: Devil’s Courthouse side trail and view, Penny Rock, a creek in Shining Rock Wilderness (not on NCMST), with waterfalls and pools, rock outcropping where we ate lunch, my trail GPS that let us know we were heading the right way when we got lost in the wilderness.  Pisgah Inn (wonderful!) and dinner there (trout).  M turned me onto compression socks.  I used them the first time this hike and had zero foot problems afterward!  (Big thumbs up!!) Lowlight: Losing around 3 hours being lost that we could have used to enjoy the Pisgah Inn!  First hike where I used a GPS for navigation (hey, it was my first use).
Total Miles: TBD

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