Clingman’s Dome (GSMNP) to Smokemont Camp (GSMNP)

Hike: Mountains to Sea Trail – Segment 1
Date: July 17-18 2017
Notes: backpack trip; camped at Campsite #54, along the Deep Creek Trail; Hikers:M, K, J (J’s last hike with us) – originally planned for May, we completed this one in July.  Great conditions, but hot weather, and a lot of water consumed.  Highlights: Deep Creek, Clingman’s Dome overlook (even though it was very foggy and we couldn’t see a thing), hiking along the AT (Appalachian Trail), Nettle Creek Campsite #54 and other backcountry campsites with bear cables (very cool).  Lowlight: a Park Ranger at Smokemont Camp giving us the 3rd degree when we got back because I think he thought we were up to something, maybe?  He seemed suspicious– might not have been a good place to park M’s car after all?  Retrospect: M believes the ranger kept an eye on his vehicle and glad to see we made it back to retrieve it.  He did examine our camping papers, which we did have in order.  We drove back to retrieve J’s car.  We had our dinner at Paul’s and breakfast at Peter’s in Cherokee.  We kinda thought we would find Mary’s for lunch, but we were on the trail.
Total Miles: 25.5


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