Oconoluftee Visitors Center (Cherokee) to Soco Gap (BRP)

Hike: Mountains to Sea Trail – Segment 1
Date: May 1, 2015
Notes: Hiked using the Scot “TABA” Ward MST Guide, along the BRP from Oconoluftee Visitor Center to Soco Gap) (stayed at Cherokee Lodge Thur. and Fri. nights) – Intended to hike Section 1 this time, but the Clingman’s Dome Access Road was closed due to ice).  Hikers: K, M and J  Highlights: Going through five BRP tunnels, hiking by so many BRP overlooks and the great views.  Lowlight for Kenny: severe blisters on my heels from trying to wear shoe inserts (bad idea!).  Took upwards of a month to fully heal.  We will be re-hiking this section as the MST opened up a path between Smokemont camp to Soco Gap.
Total Miles: roughly 12 miles all on the BRP

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